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As an official Tour Operator , MotoXplorers Lda, operates in accordance with European Union law guaranteeing the protection of people using tourism services. Check our certifications in Turismo de Portugal (Portuguese Tourist Agency): Travel Operator (Tourism Organizer) RNAVT 3631 - Training, and Tours RNAAT 224/2011 -129/2010 IMTT - Vehicle rental.

Reservation Process

Registration via MotoXplorers Website: Your registration places you in a list of participants, no payment will be required in this 1st stage. The number of participants on the Tour is limited, so reservations are considered by order of entry. The person responsible for the Tour will check the availability of the slot/bike and will contact you back asking for your Booking Confirmation.

Confirmation of your reservation: After receiving the Booking Confirmation e-mail you are required to confirm your registration by doing the first payment of 500€ per participant. You can do it online through our secure payments webpage, call with your credit card details or, issue a bank transfer.

Voucher: After we confirm receiving the Booking Confirmation payment you will receive a Voucher confirming your slot on the Tour.

Payment Conditions

Payment Methods: MotoXplorers accepts payments by VISA and MasterCard credit cards, and national and international bank transfers.

Confirmation of booking / 1st Payment:
The booking confirmation involves the payment of 500€ per participant.

Remaining payments: Must be completed according to the conditions established by Motoxplorers when your confirmation Voucher was sent.


120 to 90 days before the Tour start date, the 2nd payment (corresponding to 50% of the remaining amount) will be required.


The 3rd payment (corresponding to the final amount payment), must be completed 30 days before the Tour start date. For Tours starting in Lisbon, the remaining amount (3rd payment) can be made directly at our store, before the Tour start.

Payment Delay: After being notified to make a payment, the client has 10 working days to carry this out. If payment is not fulfilled until then, MotoXplorers ceases to secure your place and reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

Custom instalments: We can accept a different payment calendar, please contact us to discuss a solution at your convenience.

Self Guided Tours in High Season: Due Hotel & lodging high season rates, Self-guided packages prices will increase 10% for all tours happening between July 1st and September 15th.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the Tour by MotoXplorers: If MotoXplorers cancels the Tour; all participants will be reimbursed with the full amount that they have paid so far.

Withdrawal notice is received more than 90 days before the tour (more than 120 days for Africa Adv Tour): the participant must pay the booking confirmation as a cancellation fee.

Withdrawal notice is received between 90 and 30 days before the tour (120 and 30 days for Africa Adv Tour): The participant must pay the booking confirmation amount plus 50% of the interim payment, as a cancellation fee.

Withdrawal less than 30 days before the Tour: If the withdrawal takes place within the 30 days prior to departure, MotoXplorers shall not return any payments and the customer must pay the full amount of the tour.

MotoXplorers reserves the right to cancel or stop a Tour when for any reason the safety or comfort of the participants are not guaranteed in countries or regions of the Tour route, including force majeure as riots, floods, earthquakes, etc.

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance that covers the costs of a possible cancellation of the Tour.



You may reschedule your tour up to 90 days before the tour start date,  subject to availability of the motorcycle and accommodation on new dates and upon payment of a rescheduling fee. The fee is 15% of the total value of the initial tour and a minimum of 75 Euros.

Motorcycle hire for MotoXplorers Tours

Tours departing from Lisbon: In all Tours departing from Lisbon, it is necessary to conduct a rental contract for the use of the motorcycle. This is a contract with MotoXplorers and, it is absolutely necessary for the pilot to be legally authorised to drive the vehicle in which the Tour will be done. The rental price is already included in the value of the Tour and there is no need for further payment. It is, however, necessary to have a compulsory excess or deposit to operate the motorcycle safely. The values of compulsory excess or deposit vary with the chosen model of motorcycle and can be found in the particular conditions of the Tour.

In Tours departing out of Lisbon: In Tours in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Iceland, and South Africa it is necessary to conduct a rental contract for the use of the motorcycle. This contract is celebrated directly between each participant and the local partner of MotoXplorers that provides the motorcycles. This process is absolutely necessary for the pilot to be legally authorised to ride the motorcycle on which he will do the Tour.


The rental value is already included in the total amount of the Tour and there is no need for any further payment. It is, however, necessary to have a compulsory excess deposit or deductibles, to celebrate the rental agreement. The value of the compulsory excess deposit varies according to the chosen model of the motorcycle and can be found in the particular conditions of the Tour.

Compulsory excess or deposit: The compulsory excess or deposit is a locked amount corresponding to a credit card deposit to lease the motorcycle, this will be returned at the end of the lease and the customer is not liable to pay any fees for using the card.

Deductibles may vary from motorcycle model to motorcycle model but in all cases represent the maximum amount payable by the participant in the event of damage to the motorcycle.

Motorcycle use limits: The motorcycles included in the Tour package are limited to travel only and only in the scope and course of the Tour. Not included and will not be permitted the use of the motorcycle outside the described route or on private use during rest days and/or at the end of the daily stages.

Spare Moto: In some MotoXplorers Tours a spare motorcycle shall be transported, the inclusion or exclusion of this service can be found in the particular conditions of the Tour. The spare motorcycle will be used free of charge if there is a mechanical breakdown. During the Tour, MotoXplorers is not obliged to replace a damaged motorcycle on the event of a fall or accident.

Rental period: The rental period is not interrupted due to an inability to ride by the customer or for any other reason.

Safety: personal and group safety is a priority of MotoXplorers. The use of the motorcycle in a reckless manner and disregarding the rules of transit or of the Tour will not be tolerated and creates an immediate suspension of the rider, with the motorcycle locked.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Included: MotoXplorers Tours usually include all accommodation with breakfast, all dinners, BMW motorcycle rental, tolls in Portugal, Tour Book, motorcycle guide and Portuguese Staff on the support vehicle. In self-guided Tours, dinners, support vehicle, and tolls outside of Portugal are not included. You can find the specific inclusions and exclusions in the particular conditions of each Tour and the Tour Information Pack.

Distribution of rooms: There are a limited number of single rooms that cost extra and will be reserved by order of reservation, but availability cannot be guaranteed. If traveling alone, but wanting to share a room, MotoXplorers will try to find you a roommate who is in the same situation. If MotoXplorers is unable to find a roommate, you shall be charged extra for a single room.

Not included: Not included in the MotoXplorers Tours are lunches, fuel, drinks, or personal expenses of any kind. You can find the specific inclusions and exclusions in the particular conditions of each Tour and the Tour Information Pack.


Liability insurance: liability insurance (third party) is included in all MotoXplorers Tours for the use of the motorcycle when motorcycle hire is part of the Tour package. More information can be found in the Rental General Conditions.

Damage and Theft Insurance: When the Tour includes the motorcycle rental, insurance regarding damage and theft of the motorcycle is included for amounts higher than the excess deposit. More information can be found in the General Conditions of the Rental. The damage that results on overall loss of the motorcycle, involves the full payment of the deductibles.

Travel insurance: To participate in MotoXplorers Tour it is required by each participant to hire a travel insurance in your country of residence that does not exclude the motorcycle as means of transport and to ensure medical and health care with repatriation to their country of residence in case of medical emergency in any of the countries during the Tour.

Rules during the Tour

In the initial briefing, basic rules for safe group riding shall be communicated to the group.

Failure to follow these rules and, any instructions given by Motoxplorers staff, that compromise individual safety or any other member of the group results in immediate suspension of the participant.

Each Tour has specific rules that can be found in the particular conditions, these are general rules for all MotoXplorers Tours:

• Do not overtake the Tour Leader

• Do not leave the itinerary, so as to stay in sight of the support vehicle

• Respect traffic rules and local speed limits.

• Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the Tour stages

• Comply with the schedule established in the daily briefing

• Respect the instructions and decisions of the Tour Leader.


Changes to the Tour calendar

The Tours operate seasonally to try to ensure the best weather conditions. However climatic or road conditions may dictate changes to the Tour itinerary, which shall be adjusted with the use of alternative roads and/or hotels.

Required Documentation

Valid Passport: You must have a valid passport with an expiration date not less than 6 months after the end of the Tour. We also recommend that you have at least 4 pages fully free for stamps.

International Drivers Licence: Mandatory for all MotoXplorers Tours with the exception of Portugal and Spain.

Credit Card: Required for conducting insurance mandatory excess deposit or deductibles, concerning the rental agreement of the motorcycle that is used on the Tour. We require VISA or MasterCard; American Express is not accepted.

Travel Visas: The application for visas is the responsibility of each participant; consult your MotoXplorers Tour Leader to help you find out the specific requirements for your nationality.

International Drivers Licence: It's recommended having an international drivers license. Although, it may not always be necessary, depending on your country of origin. You should check the validity of your current Drivers license on the countries where the tour takes place.

Travel Insurance Policy

Each participant must purchase travel insurance in their country of residence that does not exclude the motorcycle as means of transport and to ensure health care with repatriation to their country of residence in case of an accident or medical emergency. This insurance must be valid in all countries where the Tour takes place. A copy of your insurance policy must be handed to the MotoXplorers' Tour Leader at the initial briefing of the Tour.

Photo and Video 

The photos and videos produced by MotoXplorers during the Tour are the property of MotoXplorers. Copyright for these images is held by MotoXplorers. MotoXplorers is authorised to use all this material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images in which individual members of the Tours can be recognised, and the Tour participants are not entitled to make a claim against MotoXplorers for the use of this material. For the promotion of its Tours on online platforms and printed press, MotoXplorers can pass on said images to third-parties and the participants hold no rights for any compensation from these third-parties. 

Statement of responsibility

Riding a motorcycle is an activity that has high risk, at the beginning of each MotoXplorers Tour each participant will be asked to complete and sign a liability statement which recognises that MotoXplorers Ltd, its owners, employees, and agents are not safety guardians of any of the customers and them, individually or collectively, could not be held responsible in any way for any occurrence related to accidents that may result in injury, death, or damage to the customer, your property, your family, heirs, or assigns.

This document includes a field where you should fill in the details of an emergency contact from your country of origin, and, also the details and contacts of your travel insurance policy.

Acceptance of the General Conditions MotoXplorers Tours

Read carefully the conditions described above and clarify all of your doubts. Confirming your reservation by sending the booking confirmation form, also confirms the acceptance of these conditions.

MotoXplorers Lda

Rua Francisco Lyon de Castro 14C

Praça de Entrecampos

1600-311 Lisboa


Travel Operator RNAVT 3631 - Training and Tours RNAAT 224/2011 - Rental Company 129/2010 IMTT










Rua Francisco Lyon de Castro nº 14C

1600-311 Lisboa




We are only 3kms from the airport and 2kms from the historical city centre. Major highways to exit the city are only 500mt away from us.



N38 44 48.8 W9 09 14.4


Our street is brand new and may not appear on some GPS maps.


Subway - Metro

Entrecampos (Yellow Line)



(+351) 210 143 101

(+351) 915 020 222 | 919 923 015



(+351) 211 531 196




Opening Times *:

Monday to Friday from 9.30AM to 7.30PM


*We do weekend pick-ups and drop-offs on appointment.



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