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Motoxplorers is the result of more than 25 years of motorcycle touring around the globe. We're a passionate and professional team, totally dedicated to offering a unique and exclusive travel experience.

In 2009 we were pioneers in the creation of the only professional structure specifically dedicated to Motorcycle Travelling in Portugal. All the tours we offer on this website were thoroughly scouted by our guides, which choose the best roads, the most exceptional accommodation, the concealed attractions and all the details that change a simple tour into a most memorable one.


Along the last 5 years, we have developed the project "Portugal Best Riding Roads" where we have scouted and cataloged the most beautiful and genuine corners of our country. The result is routes that show the best and most authentic Portugal, a country where the sun shines more than 220 days a year, full of magnificent and deserted roads where time still passes slowly.


Motoxplorers is a company created by motorcyclists to motorcyclists, a team that knows the specific needs of a motorcycle traveler and that can help you on your next tour, to Portugal or the World.

Partner of BMW Motorrad
BMW Motorrad Instructor Academy

Motoxplorers is proud to be a part of the exclusive group of companies endorsed by BMW Motorrad Internacional.



Motoxplorers' team of Riding Instructors is certified by BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy.



Motoxplorers' team of tour guides is certified by BMW Motorrad International Tourguide Academy.



Motoxplorers is certified by the official tourism regulatory body in Portugal "Turismo de Portugal" as a tourism agency and operator (RNAVT 3631) e (RNAAT 224/2011)


Motoxplorers is certified as a rental company by the official transportation regulatory body in Portugal, IMTT. (license 129/2010).

Carlos Azevedo - Tour Leader & Founder



Carlos Azevedo is a compulsive traveler. For the past twenty years, he has ridden over half a million kilometers, across more than a hundred countries and four continents.


From 2004 to 2008 he took upon himself the expedition "Until the End of the World, an Adventure from Pole to Pole" that he documented on his personal blog.


Carlos A is one of the founders of Motoxplorers, BMW Motorrad International Off-Road Instructor and tour guide certified by BMW Motorrad, he takes care of the development of new destinations for Motoxplorers tours.


He leads our tours to Iceland, Brazil, Central America or Southern Africa.


Carlos Martins was born in Africa and he has spent all his adult life trying to go back... preferably on a motorbike.  Motorcycling is a lifelong passion together with his love of remote and desertic landscapes.


He was born with the gift of mechanical improvisation: give him a Leatherman multi-tool and a piece of wire and he'll probably convince the most stubborn of malfunctioning engines to start again.


He is one of the founders of Motoxplorers and besides having ridden many hundreds of thousands of kilometers on and off road he is a BMW Motorrad Certified Off-Road Instructor, responsible for Motoxplorers Training Programs.


Carlos M leads our tours to Morocco, Iceland, and Southern Africa.


Carlos Martins - Tour Leader & Founder



Ricardo Azevedo - Tour Leader & Founder



Ricardo Azevedo is gifted with an innate capacity to solve problems. Any problem....logistical, mechanical... he can sort most anything, anytime, anywhere, with whatever resources are available.


A designer by training and having ridden motorcycles since he was able to swing his leg over one, it is no wonder he ended up tinkering bikes for special purposes. Before joining us, he founded  "CMX Overland Engineering", a small workshop that prepared bikes for rally-raid or round-the-world duties.


An experienced and talented rider, Ricardo brought home a podium finish in the 2012 Iberian BMW GS Challenge. At Motoxplorers, besides leading tours to Morocco, Iceland, and Southern Africa, he is responsible for the management of our rental fleet.



Enrique Díaz is a Vigo born Gallician that soon got bored of his academic life as a biologist and fell in love with a life on the road. His good spirits and highly developed intuition brought him to Lisbon where he integrated Motoxplorers project since its inception.


An accomplished photographer and globetrotter, he has traveled North and South America from Canada to Colombia, NorthWest Africa, and Australia.

With hundreds of thousands of kilometers ridden, he is our specialist in Morocco, a country that he has visited dozens of times and that he knows intimately.


Enrique leads our tours to Morocco, Portugal, Spain and France.



Enrique Díaz - Tour Leader



Sónia Soares



Sónia Soares is trained in Sociology and since joining our project has put to good use her knowledge of Social Sciences: it is not easy to put up with the rest of our traveling addicted staff whose only care is the next tour! 


Working in the Tourism Industry for more than 10 years,  Sónia has become a key element to the success of our Tours.

Managing bookings and logistics associated with tours that happen in four continents, sometimes in poor infrastructured countries, it is not an easy task, but it's one that Sonia excels at.


Sonia accumulates Tour Logistics with Account Manager in Motoxplorers.



Luís Lourenço has been a photographer, journalist, electrical engineer and an IT manager for a big financial institution. This professional path lasted long enough for him to realize his real passion and fully dedicate himself to itmotorcycle traveling!


From Magadan to Timbuktu, Luis has ridden all over Europe, Asia, South America, and West Africa. He is a regular participant in off-road events like Baja de Portalegre and Transportugal and doesn't miss a single edition of Raid de l'Amitié, a yearly Rally-Raid event in Morocco. He is the man behind the R3 Roadbook Rally Raid project and the Portuguese Linesman of the Trans Euro Trail.

Luis leads our Off-Road Tours in Portugal, Spain, and Morocco.



Luís Lourenço - Tour Leader



António Duarte - Tour Leader



António Duarte is one of the few Portuguese motorcyclists that can be declared as a profound connoisseur of our country's motorcycling hidden gems. An off-road expert on big-trail bikes, he regularly gets involved in the organization of trail ride events.


In 2007, António participated in the Raid D'Amitié Rally-Raid in Morocco and he counts hundreds of thousands of riding kilometers under his belt in places as remote as Western Sahara or Mauritania.


Gifted with an extraordinary knowledge of all things mechanical, a lot of traveling experience and contagious good spirits, "Zinga" has numerous friends all over the World but specialized in our Morocco Tours.



Leonard Mateko was born in Zimbabwe but he calls the whole of Southern and Eastern Africa his home. A qualified driver and mechanic, Leonard has been guiding overland tours from Cape Town or Nairobi for more than ten years.


Fluent in several local languages, his guiding credentials are certified by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and he has passed with the highest distinction the demanding certification process of South African Field Guides Association.


Leonard is an excellent field cook and has a deep knowledge of the region's wildlife. His qualifications and good nature make him highly sought for and we are very lucky to have him aboard our Southern Africa Tours.



Leonard Mateko - Guide Africa Tour



Nicolar Dedini - Tour Leader



Ricardo Monteiro was born in Angola and maybe that is the reason for his compulsive need to get back to the Mother Continent. In fact, he now guides mostly our Moroccan and Southern Africa Tours. 

Guiding and planning tours professionally for more than a decade, Ricardo has traveled most of World, sometimes on a 4x4 and always through incredibly beautiful sceneries.

His personal bike is an F800GS very well prepared for autonomous long distance touring but that has also been all over our beautiful country.


Nicolas Dedini was born in Brazil and he is a natural born explorer, one of those afflicted with "L'horreur du domicile”, the horror of residing in just one place.


In love with nature, he is either traveling by motorcycle, bicycle or diving into some deep ocean.


Through the last five years, he has motorcycled solo dozens of countries in Europe, Africa, and South America. A gifted photographer and a special sort of writer, Nicolas keeps his adventures updated on his personal blog in Portuguese (well, sort of..): "As viagens do Nicolas"


Besides scouting new destinations for Motoxplorers, Nicolas can help us lead tours in Brazil, South and Central America and Africa.



Ricardo Monteiro - Tour Leader



Carlos Alberto Martins - Tour Leader



Carlos Alberto Martins is a photographer by trade and a motorcyclist by vocation.  He can't remember exactly how many bikes he rode so far but they correspond to a whole life on two wheels.

Carlos' bikes click the hundred of thousand km counter as the others click the tens. But the road is not all for this expert in the European and Moroccan touristic attractions and gastronomy. 

He is also a founder of the BMW Club Motorrad Fans as it's been a long time since he has ridden some other kind of motorcycle.

Carlos guides our Iberian or Moroccan Tours where he keeps cultivating his immense network of motorcyclist friends.



Rita Santos loves to discover new places and meet new people and cultures. That is probably why she chose the travel industry has a profession.



She already counts with 12 years experience in tourism, that has given her a deep understanding of the clients' needs in each travel.



Account manager and Tour logistics at MotoXplorers, she works every day to meet those needs, making every experience unique to our customers and contributing to an excellent organization in all our Tours.




Rita Santos - Account Manager



André Carvalho - Tour Leader




André Carvalho has always been passionate about Rally Dakar. Nowadays, he splits his time between the preparation of big trail motorbikes for adventure and expedition and, leading travels by motorcycle and mountain bike. Always when free, he likes to escape to Morocco.

He holds a degree in Entertainment and Event Production and he is a a teacher of different subjects, including Art History.


André is Tour Leader at MotoXplorers since 2016. If you travel with him, we are sure that you will feel not only his passion for motorbikes but mostly, how much he enjoys showing the best there is to be discovered.




João Matias was born in Alcobaça. A degree in Tourism was the reason he came to Lisbon. Since he was little, his curiosity has driven him to become fascinated about motorbikes and, today, these take actively part in his life. An off-road enthusiast and nature lover, this is where he escapes the city life, always when possible.


Really adventurous, in 2017 he went backpacking without a plan. During 7 months, he was involved in volunteering projects in rural areas of 6 European countries. An experience where he was able to have very close contact with the local traditions and cultures and also, meet a lot of new friends.


He joined the MotoXplorers team in 2018, working as customer service and fleet manager.


João Matias



Corine Simão - Content Manager



Corine Simão is passionate about adventure, sports, and travel. If you find a way that adds these 3 together then, she’s home. 


Following her dreams and seeking for challenges, she spent the past 7 years living in Spain. 5 of them, working full time at one of the biggest skydiving centers in Europe. 


Recently relocated to Portugal and now based in Lisbon, she found in MotoXplorers the opportunity to carry on working on an industry that totally fits within her values and passions.


She took on a new challenge with us and is currently responsible for maintaining and writing our content and for the management of our Social Media Platforms.


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